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30 Jul 2017

How A Woman Should Dress For A Successful Job Interview


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Posted By Julie K.

It doesn't matter if a woman likes being looked at or not, it's going to happen and her appearance is what everyone is going to be looking at when she walks into a room. When you have an interview with a good company or job then you need to dress appropriately to what the job description fits. If you dress to be a professional then the employers will more than likely treat you as a professional.

How you dress sends specific signals to people. The way that you dress other people recognize as to follow it or make fun of it. The first rule is to never wear too much jewelry and make up, those are the two worst things you can do. The only jewelry a woman should wear to an interview should be earrings, a very small ring or wedding ring may be acceptable depending on job description. That means no basketball goal sized earrings tied to your ears. Make up should be limited you should only need a little no eye make up is necessary to most jobs and most employers see it as a distraction. Lipstick is never good to wear during an interview it's just not attractive so to say, nor professional.

A woman's suit should be made of fine materials cotton wool or others. Blue and grayish colors are good for first impressions for a future job. For skirts good thick material looks nice and professional never wear something that is of crazy colors. Scarves stand as high ranking symbols when worn by women to a job interview. The shoes that women should wear should not be open toed and the highest of heels should be at the most 3 inches tall.

Women should always wear some sort of pantyhose and it should match with what she is wearing on that specific interview. A woman is expected to bring either a briefcase or a purse but not both ever. She shouldn't carry more then she can handle in the workplace area. The briefcases should be of brown or black colors burgundy is nice too. You never want to try and distract the interviewer with what you're wearing or your make up because it's not always going to be a man interviewing you.

The last thing you need to worry about is hygiene. You need to take a shower before an interview so you have no dandruff from sleeping and you want to be clean anyways. So when you are preparing for an interview you will need to remember what was said here and follow it. Go out and get the clothes you need if you don't have them.


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